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CEC Culinary Consulting

.....Provides client-based, customized culinary services for corporate, institutional and private clients.


 From conceptual development to employee training, from menu engineering to exciting new recipes, from HACCP plans and food

safety audits to cost control strategies, CEC Culinary Consulting helps you maximize your foodservice operation￿s potential.


 We offer creative menu design, customized recipes, unique graphic design and much more￿



Who Can Use These Services?


￿        Corporations seeking ￿fresh eyes￿ to evaluate existing properties, provide employee training or enhance operations.


￿        Institutional Clients ￿

Healthcare Operators, Business and Industry Foodservice, Schools, Colleges and Universities seeking to revitalize operations.


￿        Entrepreneurs seeking turn-key startup services.


￿        Restaurant Owners seeking menu enhancements and increased profitability.


￿        Any Foodservice Operator seeking to improve menus, facilities, customer satisfaction or bottom line.









 Steven Bergman, CEC



￿        Award winning, nationally-recognized Certified Executive Chef.


￿        Internationally recognized as an authority and teacher in the hospitality foodservice industry.


￿        Strong knowledge, experience and skills in the culinary arts.


￿        Exceptional resources in the hospitality industry.


￿        Known for innovative cuisine and expertise in foodservice operations.


￿        Member 

o       American Culinary Federation

o       National Restaurant Association

o       Greater Houston Restaurant  Association

o       Foodservice Consultants Society International




CEC Culinary Consulting, LLC

       phoneicon.jpg (832) 489-5936

        Img16.jpg (832) 295-6425


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